I am a work in progress.
And so it goes.

it’s a good day.
pretty little golondrina shots.
mulled wine!
hurry home.

Jeneil Williams, Herieth Paul, Ajak Deng, Riley Montana, Kai Newman, and Tosh Bellington photographed by Richard Burbridge, W Magazine November 2014  


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White out, Antoine Cordet

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Co-lab collection by Lykke Li

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at World’s End
day trip to the end of the world.  (at World’s End)

born loser, by mammoth man


so a little over a year ago, i started a new project in an effort to branch out musically and also for the thrill of doing something entirely different. i kind of ditched my slow, ballad-y sad songs and started making music that feels a lot more fun and satisfying to me. it might be terrible, it might be cool, but it feels awesome. 
this project is called mammoth man. i’ve been playing some teeny shows and lots of open mics but i’ve never really recorded anything because i hateeee recordinggggg. but i finally threw together a hilarious little diddly of a song i wrote a few weeks ago. it’s called “born loser”, and it’s about being a woman in a man’s world. also about my personal fucking hatred of cat-calling. 
maybe more to come someday.

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